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Lacan and Dialogos

Lacan and Dialogos

Reflections on the Écrits (1)

Important notes:

  • Dialogos after Death of God theology: if man were reduced to nothing but the echoing locus of our discourse, what is the point of addressing our discourse to him?

  • Psychoanalytic dialogos is “one-sided”: analysand (speech) + analyst (mirror)

  • Metaphors of the subject as a lock (barred) and a (mobius) loop

  • Feeling that “the other” has “stolen something” from me (suffering letter)

  • Dialogos of two locks without reflection will find themselves in the dynamics of “Hegelian Murder” (i.e. battle to the death, via dialectics of recognition, between a Master (being recognised) and a Slave (recognising))

  • The true other = cause of desire/gap/lack

  • Emphasis on the falling away of the image of the “great man” (non-lacking man)

  • Dialogos for unknotting or dialogos for perspectival shift on knots? What does dialogos look like/what is possible beyond Master/Slave dynamics?

The fourth Philosophy Portal course, focused on Lacan’s Écrits, starts September 3rd.

Podcast inspired by:

  • Lacan, J. 2005. Overture to this Collection. In: Écrits. p. 3-5. New York: W.W. Norton & Company.

  • Lacan, J. 2005. Seminar on “The Purloined Letter”. In: Écrits. p. 6-48. New York: W.W. Norton Norton & Company.

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