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Philosophy Portal is a blog written by Cadell Last in service to working the higher order relation between the philosophical tradition which stems from Hegelian idealism, and the psychoanalytic tradition which stems from Freud’s discovery of the unconscious. This higher order relation seeks to connect the highest notion (idea of the Idea), and the unconscious as the wellspring of notional repetition (on the level of the drive body). Here we are invited to think the position of subjectivity in the field of contemporary systemic change related to politics, religion, science, and sexuality, family, community.

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Philosophy Portal’s courses are dedicated to teaching the foundational texts of the modern world. We cannot build a new world unless we have an understanding of the minds which shapes the previous world. Our courses are for a lifetime, are connected to a community of minds in conferences and anthologies which are the product of a long and arduous conceptual mediation. Check them out below:

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Idealism and Psychoanalysis


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