I truly feel that there is truth in this. As a person who was raised with the horrendous title of, "ADD/ADHD," I was funneled into a specified and categorical identity that lasted thirty years before I was able to break free from it. I spent so long, so hard, fighting, clawing, twisting, churning, scratching at the veil of the title and the identity that was slammed down my throat - and forced me into a world of, "which problem would you like us to remove," well according to any child, "ALL OF THEM, would be a proper start." And you wouldn't believe the next thing they did... actual attempts at removing my problems and forgoing my destiny as forfeit due to the "ADD epidemic crisis." My psyche inverted, all of the mysticism, story-telling, imagination, detrimentally swapped into my consciousness. And within was the irritated, lost, forgotten, and poor little boy that did not grow within. It could be said that this happened to me due to the "theory of Lack," presented here. Lack of categorical challenges characterized by my psyche that mark the rites of initiation into a transformed.

Almost as if, Pinocchio acted glib towards Gideon and his friend instead of showing interest in their song. Or didn't care very much that he was stuck in Stromboli's cage, nor did he leave when the Angel unlocked the cage, nor did he listen to his conscience, therefore - he was hauled off to work endless stages of Stromboli's design. And his father lay mercilessly within the belly of the beast perfectly content with fishing out for the rest of his days.

And there's the punchline postmodernist in the corner saying, "Well, at least he found the answer to immortality."

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“In fact, this redoubled lack is what holds the symbolic and the real together in truth: once I accept myself as lacking (indecisive, not sure of the ethics of my situation), as well as accepting the symbolic as lacking (that no one in the symbolic order knows the ethics of their situation either), can I make the abyssal choice that allows me to determine or assume my truth as cause.” 💥yes!!! Wonderful article Cadell, also I really appreciated your own introspection and extended interpretation of Hamlet. Well done!

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